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AnimatedFX focuses on the details. From advanced animatronics to the meticulous application of textures, hair and fur strands, you can be assured that our characters are true-to-life and ready for action.

Dream It. Build It. Film It.
AnimatedFX, Inc., is a Los Angeles based company specializing in the design, creation, rental, and puppeteering of animatronics, sophisticated puppets, and suits for commercials, film, and television. Seamless artistry combines with state-of-the-art technology to create characters and creatures to fit any project requirement.

Dave Nelson and Norman Tempia have created special effects for more than fifty feature films, hundreds of television commercials, and numerous television shows. Their long involvement in the business of film making has allowed them to develop their skills both in the studio and on the set bringing their expertise to all facets involving creature, character, and special effects...from concept to completion. They stand behind their work and pride themselves on the art and dependability of their special effects.

Over the years we've worked seamlessly in conjunction with film crews, animal trainers and CGI effects. We have a veritable zoo of animatronic animals for immediate rental and deployment as well as many items which may be refurbished to suit specific project requirements. All rentals are in conjunction with AnimatedFX puppeteers for performance and on set technical work. Please allow time for shipping permits on some items if filming internationally.