Grizzly Bear
(Ursus arctos horrilils)

AKA the Silvertip Bear, is a subspecies of Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) that live in the uplands of western North America. Our fully realistic 6', 10" tall animatronic bear package features a trained performer inside the suit, full facial radio controlled features: eyes left/ right, blink, brow, nose, lips, mouth, snarl, ears, etc. and full body animation via the puppeteer inside the suit. There is a fully animated hero head, animated stunt head, upright suit, quadraped suit, close up steady cam arm head support and neck, and various arms and leg pieces for close up filming. We also have a very large Bear Rug that any of our radio controlled heads connect to. Available for rental as a complete package or as individual elements needed to achieve the desired effect.